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CanSpace This is the Web Host I find myself recommending most lately. partially beacause they offer a more reasonable starting package (as low as $4.99 a month). I haven’t moved my site over to them yet, though it has certainly crossed my mind since my existing web host got bought out. They are a solid Canadian Company with servers located in Canada. I always worry about cheap host because you never know in which country they have their servers. Makes you wonder who services them, and who will want too steal your information or your clients information. I would say CanSpace is on par with my current host, but with the very attractive cheaper package to begin with, which you can scale up anytime you need too. (Although 95% of the websites we develop will never need more than their cheapest package.

Best Canadian Hosting

This is where I currently host. Its a solid company and has never once failed me. Hopefully the new owners will keep it that way for years to came. They are very reputable. Even Starbucks trusts them. But hosting starts at $20.00 a month.


BlueHost is a great economical host. Great reputation and I have never had any problems with them. They are the top host recommended by the WordPress team from automatic. That is the parent company for the WordPress blogging platform. It is one of the largest CMS engines in the world. Many great bloggers and medium sized businesses love what they do and how professional their service is. So buy your hosting there today. Click here to start your BlueHost hosting account now!