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Milton Friesen is a certified Life & Leadership Coach, and Entreprenuer, and blogs about success, positive psychology, spirituality, leadership, team synergy, and living the best life.

Sep 25

Eight Keys to a Great Memory

By miltonfriesen | Miscellany

Milton, what do you do to cultivate an incredible memory? For not considering my memory that good, I get asked for my memory strategies a lot. This is not about memory tricks. There are a ton of those out there. On rare occassion I might employ one of those. Like associating your name with some […]

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Jan 06

Get a God-Perspective!

By miltonfriesen | Christian Discipleship

When you face problems, get a God-Perspective. The size of your problem matters less than your perspective does. If you see it as insurmountable, it probably will be for you. A proper perspective can change everything. photo credit: Vjeran Pavic via photopin cc If you see your problem as huge, than it is huge to […]

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Jul 30

The Lost Art of Meditation!

By miltonfriesen | Christian Discipleship , Life Design , Personal Development , Rethinking Success

Meditation is a profoundly important Christian Discipline, and yet when I Google meditation, the results would suggest that the eastern religions own meditation as something uniquely theirs. Even my photo search for this post, revealed very few suitable photos for a Christian┬ácontext. That sentiment seems to be prevalent even among the Christians I talk too. […]

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