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I want to welcome each and every one of you here to this site. I am so glad you have discover my domain, and I hope that our encounter will enrich both of our lives. Don’t feel like you have to agree with me in all things. I welcome opinions that challenge me.

I wish that we were meeting face to face. I always enjoy meeting new people. Who knows, maybe we’ll get the chance yet.


Born in the small Central American country of Belize, I moved to Nova Scotia as a young kid. Since I was too young too remember much from Belize, I consider myself an east coast boy, even though I live in beautiful Waterloo Ontario these days.

I grew up in a small east coast Mennonite community, son of pastor, and still bear the marks of an Anabaptist upbringing. There is so much of that culture that is still beautiful, even though in some ways many have forgotten the meaning of its origins. I still proudly consider myself a Mennonite, even though I identify more with its historical peaceful and simple faith then I do with its cultural lifestyle.

But more than being a Mennonite, I am devoted to becoming a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. While this blog is about success, positive mindsets, and living the best life you can live, you will see that spirituality has left a deep and lasting mark on my perspectives.

Being a pastor’s kid also meant that we moved a lot. And there is something about moving into new community that has a way of opening your eyes to other people and how they live.


I am a certified coach with Leadership Coaching Canada. Who would have thunk-it, that an east coast Mennonite boy that grew up in a community that demonised college and all continuing education, would become a Life & Leadership Coach to Pastors, CEO’s, Executives and Students?

Life has a really weird way of working sometimes. I think it is because I have failed more often than most. I also credit my dad who was a Pastor that encouraged his kids to read a lot and to read widely, not just the stuff that was easy to agree with, but also perspectives that stretched our thinker-boxes.

Another unlikely credit is my elementary school teacher who rather than just teaching us to read and write impressed in me a love for discovery and learning. He took us on learning nature excursions and had the students teach each other. You don’t need to teach someone anything but to love learning and discovery and he will be fine for life. Of course the love of learning and discovery cannot exist without the humility to see your need for it.

And my particular interest for discovery and learning are psychology (especially the evolving field of positive psychology), spirituality (particularily Christianity), and branding (call it the psychology of marketing).

Although the community I grew up in strongly discouraged college, I did end up going to a bible college later on where I studied psychology, music, and theology. Sometimes I am tempted to think that my lack of a university education and degree is one of the major blocks in my life. But slowly I have come to see that it has also become one of my strengths. It has allowed me to hunger for learning, and to pursue it in very practical ways. This allows me to reach for things without waiting for everyone else to give me permission to do so. It has also allowed me to see things from an out-of-box perspective.

Of course, I still dream of completing my degree in psychology, and I am sure I will continue to learn forever.


This blog was founded some years ago, and though I have failed at being as consistent a blogger as I ought, I enjoy writing about the things I am learning or have learned through all my adventures and failures.

I have been told that I can sound like I know everything, and yet those closest to me know that it is the farthest thing from how I feel. But I continue to write because I love to and because I feel compelled to. I love to hear from the readers and my most frequent source of inspiration are the many conversations and interactions I have with all of you. So please join the conversation on Facebook, Google+ and/or in the comments on this blog, and let your voice be heard.

I consider myself the chief sinner (I know Paul claimed that, but he hadn’t met me yet, so that verse may be erroneous), and yet greatly loved by a Father who created the world and who many of us profess to know but don’t seem to understand. You will sometimes see Christian content on the blog. Don’t let that scare you even if you don’t believe in it. I love people who see things differently and am happy that you came to hang-out here.

Often as Christians, we come across judgemental and focus on the world’s wrongs. On this blog, I hope to be a voice of love, encouragement, and acceptance. And if the world has become a little bit kinder because of what I have written, then I will consider myself a success.

You will find in me an odd mix of idealism and practicality. That is probably at least somewhat the result of growing up in a Anabaptist, Mennonite community, and the influences I connected most with due to my personality and design.


I am not yet a full-time blogger or Life Coach, and run a few small businesses. The first is a pint sized Brand Coaching and Web Marketing studio called Captivate Creative. Ironically – seeing the nature of the business – it has always been a side hustle for me. It has very slowly continued to grow purely by referral to the point where I can call it a business. Since it is starting to command a bit more of my attention, I guess we will see where it ends up a few years from now.

My second business is a small Home and Cabinetry design/build firm called Craftsmen Gruppe. As a fine Mennonite boy, this is what I grew up doing. Carpentry! Building kitchens and homes during the summer while still in school was a great way to learn a trade. It is also in this business that I discovered my creative streak and started my branding and marketing career. And where my psychological bent was noticeable in the way I handled sales and client concerns.

Of course my third business is Milton Friesen & Co, the blogging and Life & Leadership Coaching business that you are have stumbled across here. It too is an entrepreneurial side hustle of mine that has the potential of becoming the main hustle. It is designed to be as closely related to my purpose as possible. At least as I have come to understand my Life Purpose as of yet. And it is becoming loads of fun. It is the most “ME” business I run. To book your FREE “Discover Coaching” session, call me @ (519) 497-7014.


As you hang out and read some of the articles on this site you will learn to know more of my heart and my purpose. Here are a few articles to help you get a taste of what to expect.


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